Proposing an individual or couple joining the club

The potential candidate/s must to be introduced by two (2) members of the Club; a Proposer and a Seconder who;

  • Must have been members of the club for a minimum of two (2) years
  • Are of good standing

A member is permitted to propose two candidates in a year. There is no limit to the number one may “second.”

The club does not accept applications where the Proposers are work colleagues of the applicant. However, the candidate/s may be seconded by colleagues from the workplace.


Proposal Procedures & Requirements

  • The proposer must submit a letter of introduction and CV of their candidate to the membership office and/or the GMs office.
  • A proposal form is then issued for completion by the Proposer, Seconder and Candidate. When completed this is returned to the Membership Administrator. Current passport size photographs must be attached for each candidate listed.
  • This proposal form is then forwarded to the balloting committee and the contents reviewed. The Membership Administrator and/or General Manager then contacts the proposer with feedback.
  • Successful candidates are then expected to pay the requisite fees and commence the balloting process.
  • During the balloting period, the candidates are eligible for temporary cards that enable them to use the club facilities. This temporary membership does not allow the candidate/s to invite guests to the club.


Balloting Session Do’s and Don’ts

  • The Proposer is mandated to introduce their candidate during their first introduction/ balloting session. It is only after this first meeting that the Seconder may present the candidates, in the absence of the proposer.
  • It is not acceptable for a Proposer to bring more than one set of candidates to any balloting meeting.
  • A candidate must make a minimum of two appearances at the balloting meetings.
  • Exchanging business cards during the balloting session is discouraged.
  • Unless a question is directed to him/her, the Proposer should desist from answering questions on behalf of the candidate/s.


Balloting Session Dress Code

  • The dress code is formal for both ladies and gentlemen.
  • All male candidates and Proposers must wear jackets and ties as they would when going to a formal event or interview. Ladies should be dressed formally as if for a job interview in one of the more conservative areas of employment. Improperly dressed proposers and/or candidates will not be allowed to progress with balloting.
  • See some examples below.

(These images are a representation of what is expected and are therefore not exhaustive)