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Golf at Karen

The Karen Country Club golf section is the biggest in the country with over 700 male golfers and 150 lady golfers. In addition we have about 200 golfer learners who are still going through the process of getting a handicap. To encourage more members to join the golf section, the Board of Directors introduced an incentive for social members to join the section. Members can now pay the entry fee of Kshs. 110,000/- in four equal installments.

There is a golf application form to be filled which should be returned with the first installment together with a handicap certificate. Those without a handicap or are just beginning to play golf, must have some golf lessons with the Club Golf Professional who will provide a recommendation letter once the member has had enough lessons. The ladies golf section organizes beginner’s sessions for those who have already had lessons with the Pro. They are taken on the course by committee members to help them learn more on golf etiquette and also signing their cards towards getting a handicap.
After having lessons with the Pro, a member is required to play three rounds of golf with a gross score of 100 or less for men and 120 gross or less for ladies. The three rounds must be played in Karen and the scorecards must be signed by a golfer with a handicap. The cards must be returned to the Golf Administrator’s office within six months.
Social members who are golfing members of other clubs, can also use the course without joining the section by paying discounted green fees. However, they cannot participate in club tournaments.
Karen Non-Golfing Members with a Handicap

Monday - Friday (Excluding Thursdays)

18 Holes: Ksh. 2,000
9 Holes:   Ksh. 1,000

Weekends / Public Holidays & Thursdays Non-Golfing Members:
18 Holes: Ksh. 3,000
9 Holes:   Ksh. 1,500

Karen full golfing members can sign in guests at a discounted rate but the member has to play with the guest(s) and no guest can be signed in more than twice a month. The rates are:


Guest Signed in by Karen Golfing Member
Monday to Friday
(Excluding Thursdays)

18 Holes: Kshs. 3,500/-
 9 Holes:  Kshs. 2,500/-

Weekends / Public Holidays

18 Holes:         Kshs. 5,000/-


(Excluding Thursdays)
18 Holes: Ksh. 5,000
9 Holes:   Ksh. 3,000

Weekends / Public Holidays
(Subject to Availability of Slots)

18 Holes: Ksh. 7,500
Various tournaments are organized by the club, Kenya Golf Union and Kenya Ladies Golf Union.  Sign up sheets for these tournaments are put up on the notice boards in the men’s and ladies changing rooms at least 3 weeks prior to the event. For club nites, bookings are done online. Please contact the Golf  Administrator for details:
The section has been developing junior golf at the club by hosting junior tournaments during the school holidays. Children below 18 years can join the golf section as Young Golfers by filling in an application form and paying annual subscriptions either as a Young Golfer Learner or Young Golfer with handicap. Upon attaining 18 years, they are required to join the club as Junior members and will pay club and golf entry fees and annual subscriptions.